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Postdoctoral Recruitment at the Center for BRICS Studies, Fudan University


The Center for BRICS Studies of Fudan University (hereinafter referred to as Center) aims to recruit postdoctoral research fellows from domestic and oversea higher education colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and all sectors of society. Details are as follows.

  1. Meet all the basic national and Fudan University criteria of applying for post doctors (for relevant provisions and regulatory documents, please refer to the website of Postdoctoral Administration Office of Personnel Department in Fudan University and Guide to enter Fudan University postdoctoral stations attached below);
  2. For applying for Center post doctor, applicants’ majors during master or PhD period should mainly be international politics, world economy, international trade, international law, international media, etc. Those who have published certain research findings on BRICS or relevant issues are preferred;
  3. Applicants for Center post doctor should maintain relatively strong ability to communicate in foreign language, English, Russian, Portuguese all accepted;
  4. Full-time post doctor only, on-job post doctors not recruited;
  5. The Center recruits globally, open to all nationalities, applicants from BRICS countries like Russia, South Africa, India and Brazil preferred;
  6. The Center provides post doctors around 80-100 thousand RMB per year and low-rent housing in school on current stage;
  7. Center post doctors generally work for 2 years in station, properly prolonged in line with national and school regulations according to work needs.

Please apply to Center through email with intentional materials, communicating with Center related staff by email also welcomed.


Contact: Yao Siwen




Address:Room 910,  West Main Building Guanghua Towers,

220 Handan Road, Fudan University,Shanghai, China



Research Center on BRICS countries, Fudan University




Guide to enter Fudan University postdoctoral station

Release Date: 06/30/2011

  1. 1.       Basic criteria for applying for post doctor:

(1)    Those who have maintained doctoral educational background and got a doctor’s degree, are good both in character and scholarship, sound in body and mind and under 40-year-old in general;

(2)    On-the-job persons are not allowed to engage in postdoctoral research work;

(3)    Doctoral graduates from Fudan University cannot enter the same discipline (first level discipline) mobile postdoctoral station in Fudan University; entering different discipline mobile postdoctoral programs in Fudan University should also be strictly controlled.

  1. 2.       Procedure of recruiting post doctors

(1)    Go to the website of Personnel Department in Fudan University ( and click the label of Postdoctoral Work; seek information on various mobile postdoctoral stations; choose the station and the tutor you are interested in and want to contact with;

(2)    Go to the website of Chinese Post Doctor (; register your own account (please keep your ID and password for the account safe)

(3)    Fill in the application form of entering the station and submit online;

(4)    Secretaries in various stations send the application materials respectively to related research groups or tutors; then tutors reply to secretaries whether they will accept the applicants. If the tutors decide to accept, secretaries will inform the applicants to hand in written materials; if not, secretaries will “reject” the applicants directly online.

(5)    Applicants can check “suggestions after examination” with your own account of Chinese Post Doctor website:

  1. i.                    if rejected: your application is unsuccessful; you may contact with mobile station staff to ask for the reason;
  2. ii.                  If being processed: applicants can advance to next step;

(6)    The applicants who pass online application can go printing the “download module” automatically generated in personal account on Chinese Post Doctor website and hand in the written materials to mobile stations. The materials are as follows:

  1. i.                    postdoctoral application form
  2. ii.                  recommendation letters from 2 experts
  3. iii.                copies of doctor diploma and academic certificate or resolution of doctoral dissertation committee (which should bear the official seal of school Degree Office; copies of doctor diploma and academic certificate should hand in three months later)
  4. iv.                 copies of identity card
  5. v.                   rating form from academic sectors of program units (blank form, need to be filled out by postdoctoral stations)
  6. vi.                 qualification review sheet for post doctor entering stations (for post doctor from unified recruitment, the sheet need bear the stamp of graduate school; for those enroll under contractual programs, directed education, on-job training and those who are active duty soldiers, the sheet need bear the stamp of applicants’ working units or department of cadres of the army where applicants are serving)
  7. vii.               Recommendation from the Office of Educational Affairs of the Embassy of P. R. China in Foreign Countries or returnees certification (for returned doctors)
  8. viii.             Rating form from guidance group of research project of postdoctoral research station (for enterprise recruitment)
  9. ix.                 research project approval form of postdoctoral station recruiting post doctors (for enterprise recruitment)
  10. x.                   agreement of united training (for enterprise recruitment)

Written materials mentioned above are handed in four copies, (for enterprise recruitment, materials in five copies)

(7)    Stations organize experts to discuss on applicants’ academic level, research ability, overall quality, etc, and accept the best candidates;

(8)    Stations should examine and verify applicants’ materials seriously, hand in application materials to the Office of Postdoctoral Work in Fudan University with the rating form from academic sectors of program units being filled out, and submit the applications for entering station on Chinese Post Doctor website;

(9)    Submit reports to the Office of Postdoctoral Work in Shanghai for further approval after examination and approval by Department of Personnel in Fudan University;

(10)Approval is achieved and Post Doctor Admission Notice will be issued by the Office of Postdoctoral Work in Fudan University.

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